MARKTEST Cookie Policy

Our Website uses the use of cookies to provide a better use to its users, as well as to ensure that it is in full operation.

This Cookie Policy is part of our Privacy Policy. For more information about us and how we protect user information, please see our Privacy Policy.

In order to provide a personalized and more efficient service to our users, it is necessary to remember and store information about how this Website is used. To do this, we use reduced text files called cookies that contain reduced amounts of information downloaded to the computer or other devices (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) of our users through a server. Your internet browser subsequently sends, on each subsequent visit, these cookies back to the Website, allowing the recognition and memorization of the identity of our users, namely their usage preferences. When this policy refers to cookies, it also refers to similar techniques such as javascripts and beacons (including pixel tags).

1. Types of cookies used

1.1. Own cookies and third-party cookies

We use first-party cookies, which refer to cookies implemented by us, and third-party cookies, which are implemented by third parties that do not operate our Website, such as service providers.

1.2. Types of cookies

1.2.1. Essential cookies

These cookies are essential to ensure the functioning of the Website.

They are necessary to allow navigation on this Website, as well as to allow the use of some of its features, such as access to secure areas and content of exclusive access for registered users.

1.2.2. Cookies funcionais

Estes cookies têm caráter acessório e são utilizados para a personalização da experiência de navegação do utilizador.

Our Website uses functional cookies to record information about our users' choices and to allow us to tailor the Website to their needs, for example, to remember the language chosen, the font size or the colour scheme, if the website has these options.

1.2.3. Performance cookies

These cookies are ancillary in nature and are used to monitor how individual users access our Website and how regularly.

This information is used for statistical purposes only, without identification of any particular user. However, for registered users who are connected to the Website, we may proceed to the combined use of this information with the data collected via Web Analytics services and via other cookies, to analyse how registered users use this Website in greater detail.

We may use Web Analytics services (through Google Analytics or Gemius/netAudience) to measure the effectiveness of our content and the preferences of our users, which allow us to optimize the functioning of this Website.

1.2.4. Experimental cookies

Some market studies developed by Marktest, or services provided by it, may involve the use of different experimental cookies to understand and analyze the main performance indexes of our Website.

These cookies are ancillary in nature and are used to perform various tests on our Website. Due to their experimental nature, these cookies vary and may have a very limited duration.

For more information about the experimental cookies currently used on our Website, please contact us via the following email:

1.2.5. Targeting Cookies

Our Website does not use targeting cookies to promote targeted advertising to our visitors.

1.3. Validity of cookies

Cookies have a certain expiry date that starts at the moment a cookie is stored on a user's device and may, depending on the cookie, be renewed automatically if the user visits the Website again. After the expiry date, the cookie will be deleted by the user's browser.

We use cookies that are valid during a browser session (session cookies) and cookies that remain valid for a longer period ( permanent cookies ). Session cookies temporarily store a session ID while the user is active on our Website and are deleted as soon as the user logs out or lose their validity as soon as the user's session has expired. Permanent cookies store a file on the user's device for a specific period until the end of the cookie's validity (or until the user deletes it).

The cookie table below provides information about the cookies used on our Website.

2. Control of cookies

With the exception of essential cookies, cookies always depend on the user's consent. You can revoke your consent at any time. For this purpose, please refer to the information below.

However, we inform users that the removal or blocking of cookies may affect their user experience and may limit access to some features of our Website.

3. Browsers

The vast majority of browsers (browsers) allow our users to view the hosted cookies and delete them individually or alternatively block cookies on a particular website or on all in general.

We remind you that the preferences you set, including self-exclusion of cookies, are lost whenever cookies are deleted or after certain updates, and the basic settings are restored. In such cases, we may ask you to make your cookie choices again on your next visit to our Website.

The following links will assist you in managing your cookie preferences in your browsers:

Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Adobe (flash cookies)

You can use a browser extension to disable Google Analytics, or object to the use of Google Analytics.

To also disable Gemius/netAudience.

For more information about cookies and how to manage cookies, we suggest you consult All About Cookies.

Whenever you want detailed information about the cookies used on our Website and their management, please contact us through the email .

4. Social buttons

We use social buttons to allow our users to share content from our Website. These buttons are related to social networks, which may obtain information about the activities of our visitors on the Internet, including on our Website.

With regard to the collection and transmission of the user's personal data to the social media platforms, Marktest and the social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) to which the social buttons refer act as joint controllers for the respective processing of personal data.

In this sense, the joint responsibility agreements, under which both Marktest and the social media platforms are each responsible for complying with specific obligations of the GDPR, are available at the following links: Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn.

For more information on how information is used by social media platforms, including ways to exercise your rights, you should consult the respective Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of those Websites.