MARKTEST Cookies Policy

Our Website uses cookies to provide better use to its visitors, as well as to ensure that it is in full operation.

This Cookie Policy is part of our Privacy Policy. For more information about us and how we protect user information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Consider that to provide a more efficient and personalized service to our users it is necessary to memorize and store information on how this website should be used. To do this, we use reduced-text files called cookies that contain reduced amounts of information downloaded to users' computer or other devices (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) through a server. Your Internet browser subsequently sends, on each subsequent visit, these cookies back to the Website, allowing the recognition and memorization of the identity of our visitors, namely the users' preferences.

By using this site you accept the use of cookies as described in this Cookies Policy as well as the use of cookies in other specific websites of other companies of Marktest Group, which websites you can visit or access for customer service purposes, such as described in their cookie notifications.

Types of cookies used

Some of the cookies we use are required to allow browsing this Website as well as taking advantage of its features such as accessing secure areas and exclusive content for registered users.

Our Website also uses functional cookies to record information about the options of our users and allow us to customize the Website to their needs; such as storing login information, customizing information in online surveys, or completing a survey, or sharing links on social networks (Facebook and Twitter). Check the Social Buttons information below. However, the information recorded is anonymous and is intended for the above purposes only.

We may directly or indirectly use webanalytics services (via Google Analytics or Netscope - native Marktest tool) to gauge the effectiveness of our content and the preferences of our users that enable us to contribute to optimizing the functioning of this Website. In addition, we use the so-called performance cookies to monitor how individual users access our website and how regularly. This information is only used for statistical purposes without identification of any particular user. However, for registered users who are connected to the Website, we may use this information in combination with the data collected via webanalytics services and cookies to analyze how visitors use this Website in more detail.

Our Website does not use Targeting Cookies to promote targeted advertising to our visitors.

Whenever you want detailed information about the cookies used on our website, we thank you for contacting us at

Control of cookies

Website users accept the introduction of cookies on their computers or devices in the terms indicated above without prejudice to the control and management available. We advise users that removing or blocking cookies may affect their experience of use and may limit access to certain areas of our Website.


The vast majority of browsers allow our users to view hosted cookies and delete them individually or alternatively block cookies on a particular website or in general. We remind you that defined preferences, including auto-exclusion, are lost whenever cookies are deleted.

Social buttons

We use social buttons to allow our users to share or bookmark pages. These buttons are related to social networks which can obtain information about the activities of our visitors on the Internet, including on our Website. Understanding how information is used and how it can be excluded from collection should be obtained by reviewing the respective Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of those websites.

External web services

We also use external web services on our Website to display content on our web pages. For example, to make images, videos and surveys available. In these cases, as with social buttons, we cannot prevent the collection of information about the use of our visitors when you access these content incorporated in our website.

Comunications via email

In order to assess the relevance of our communications, we may use monitoring technologies to determine whether our visitors have read, clicked on links, or forwarded certain communications via e-mail sent by us. In case of disagreement with this procedure our users should revert their subscription (unsubscribe) since it is not possible to send these emails without these active monitoring mechanisms. Registered subscribers may update their communication preferences at any time by contacting us by email at , or they can unsubscribe by following the instructions in the communication sent to them by e-mail.